Goodbye San Diego.

Gosh he looks so old here.
Well, here I am at the airport, waiting for a flight back to San Francisco that has been delayed 2 hours already. Good time to do some blogging, right? So here are the LAST of my photos from my adventure! I promise I will more on to more interesting things ;) I had a really great time on my trip and I feel refreshed and ready to get back to my life at home. I am also ready to do some new things with the blog! As I've started to get the hang of this blogging thing, I am excited to start doing some DIYs and outfit posts that I've had planned before I even started this blog. I have made lists upon lists of ideas (I really love to make lists).

Speaking of great blogs, this month I am sponsoring Katherine's super awesome blog, Of Corgis and Cocktails! Definitely check out this great girl and her sweet pup! I am thrilled to be diving into stuff like that and supporting blogs I love to read. It would be great to eventually get some sponsors of my own! All in good time, my friends.