The view yesterday from the Oceanside Pier
Tonight was just a wonderful night. I rode bikes down to the beach with my cousin's boyfriend at 8pm. I love the feeling of the warm summer night on my skin. We stood at the water's edge and I let the water rush around me, even though I was wearing jeans. I didn't care. The water was warm from the the day's beating sun. I took in the melodic sounds of waves crashing, the twinkling yellow lights of the Oceanside pier to the north, and the purplish clouds peeking out from the not-quite-black of the night sky. The ocean makes me realize how small I am and how powerful God is. 

We then rode up to the Rite-Aid my parents lived  in apartments next to when I was just a year old. My dad would take me for a walk in my stroller to get black cherry ice cream, and it is still my favorite ice cream to this day. Only the Thrifty brand. We each got a scoop and took our time making our way home through the quiet, dark streets of old Carlsbad. 

Talk about a perfect summer night.