I want more of You.

 I have been loving my visit in San Diego so much. So much though that I am seriously considering moving back here next year. I feel like it would be a good change of scenery and would give me a little more independence, especially since I decided to stay home and go to community college. It would be really cool to live close to my sisters again and to be able to see them and my nephews and niece all the time. It would be great for the my relationships with my family.

I also see myself giving to the community and this world in some way. I would really love to get connected in working in youth ministry, particularly high school ministry. Perhaps even with my brother-in-law who works with at-risk youth for an organization called Urban Life. When I was hanging out with him last weekend, I helped out a bit and it was just a simply eye opening and humbling experience. It forced me to acknowledge the abundant blessings in my life and helped me see how I could do things to greatly impact someone's life in a positive way. Definitely something to seriously look into and pray about. I also went to my sister and brother-in-law's church while I was visiting them, and gosh how I love their church. I have gotten to see it develop from the beginning (when it was just a group of people meeting in a rotation of living rooms), and it has been amazing to see God work and how much it has grown. I love that it is bilingual and that the people are really passionate about helping their community. It truly is beautiful. 

Also, I've really been loving this song lately! It's been great to listen to it really loudly in the car and just sing along. The words weigh so heavily on my heart. I love the video too.