Summer Bucket List: Revisited

So if you guys recall, I made a summer bucket list back in June. To be honest, I kind of forgot about it, but I think I managed to pull some of them off! Let's take a look, shall we?
  • Take a train ---> Does taking Bart to San Francisco for dinner count? Not really...
  • Make Pinterest recipes ---> I attempted lemon bars for the 4th of July, but those didn't turn out so well...
  • Have a bonfire ---> We made many fires in our chiminea on the patio this year, but I really wanted to have one on the beach.
  • Go camping
  • Shoot more film
  • Organize my closet once and for all! ---> I did this actually! I got some nice velvet, space-saving hangers, some baskets, and organized my shoes.
  • Order Instagram photos
  • Take morning walks with Marly
  • Take road trips ---> I did take one with my sister and nephews to San Diego! I would have liked to take more though to new places.
  • Go thrifting ---> I went thrifting in the Haight and I went to an antique fair.
  • Explore the SF Haight ---> Did it! You can read about it here.
  • Explore the SF Mission District ---> Did this too while I was house sitting for my teacher! There's definitely more to see and do though. Same with the Haight.
  • Read books that I've been wanting to
  • Make a jewelry holder ---> Check! I made a jewelry board. You can make one too here.
  • Watch a sunrise ---> (I'm just not a morning person...)
  • Go to Big Sur
  • Make cards
  • Make candles
  • Learn to paint
  • Practice block printing ---> I did a little when making a DIY!
  • Learn to sew, and sew well!
  • Design my own pair of shoes
  • Go to Sol Food, pretty much my favorite restaurant ---> Definitely did this. Twice. Yummy food.
  • Get rid of stuff I don't need. There's too much of it... ---> Took several trips to Goodwill this summer!
  • Volunteer with this awesome organization, City Impact.
Grand total: 11/25
(I gave myself a couple half points)

Not too bad. Although that is less than 50%... Felt like I did a lot this summer! I guess I will just have to add the rest of this stuff onto my bucket list for the remainder of 2012. Along with other fall things :)

Also, it is only August. Is summer really over yet??
Greta said...

Summer is NOT over yet, you still have time!!! Atleast till Monday :)