The unplanned hiatus.

Hey guys! Did you miss me? You were probably wondering where I disappeared to! I didn't mean to take a hiatus and not tell you all, but it just sort of happened that way. Things have been busy with adjusting to school and my new job as a nanny, being pretty sick, AND working 13 hours on Saturday. But no fear, I'm back!
Over the weekend, I went exploring in the Mission District of SF with my friend and a map of where the best thrift stores are that his coworker made us. It was a nice walk around the area on such a beautiful sunny, hot day. I got these jars at the first store we stopped at for only $2.44 for all four of them. I was satisfied. I actually ended up only buying those jars, but my friend and I made it a mission to find him all seven Harry Potter books at the thrift stores. We did pretty well, getting 5 of them for $5 (2 were hardback!). I am so proud that I have converted him into a HP lover :)

I love going to thrift stores, but I wish I had the patience to sift through all of the clothing racks to find treasures like the ones I tend to read about people finding on blogs. Tell me, what is the secret?! I'm sure it is patience, which I very much so lack. 

After walking around, we decided to get some ice cream to cool off since it was so hot in the city. We stopped off at Bi-Rite Creamery, but the line was around the corner and up the street. Holy cow. But we found the loophole! Which was the Bi-Rite Creamery soft-serve hut right next to it, which only had two flavors, but only a few people in line. We were in. I got a mix of salted caramel and chocolate. Soooo good. I'd show you a picture, but I didn't care at that point to take one!
On Monday, we played bocce ball by the lagoon near my house (they have actual bocce ball "courts"!) and sat on the grass to read and take in the beautiful blue lagoon as people walked along the water. As you can see, Marly did some reading of his own (or begging for snacks). I have been loving being able to tote around my drink in a mason jar. It just  tastes better for some reason ;) Also, mixing my own drinks are so fun! Some of my favorites are Trader Joe's Pomegranate-Limeade mixed with lemonade, and TJ's Mango Green Tea mixed with lemonade as well!

Well, there you have it, pretty much what I've been up to! Sorry to abandon you guys last week <3
Greta said...

I love the mason jars! I've been looking for a few so I can jump on the mason jar salad bandwagon everyone has been pintresting about!

Jess said...

yes! i want to do that as well! unfortunately, these didn't come with the lids, but a while ago i noticed that they actually sell mason jars at the grocery store! why i hadn't thought to look there (considering they are actually for canning) is beyond me. now i've just gotta break down and buy a box.


Lindsey said...

Great photos! I love bocce ball!