The system.

Yesterday while helping my dad clean out the garage and compile some stuff for Goodwill, I snagged some good stuff that was going to be thrown out. My creative side just can't let this stuff go!
My favorite item is this hanging flower basket. I really want to "upcycle" it in some way and make something cool out of it, but I just don't know what! I was thinking of painting it and hanging it in the corner of my room. I want it to have a purpose though and can't really figure out what it could be. A blanket holder? I don't need it to be a lamp. And believe it or not, Pinterest was no inspiration for this piece. Ideas guys??? I think it could be something pretty cool.
Candle holder! Again, I was thinking of painting this and maybe adding a design of some sort. Who knows. As I think more about this piece, I think that I don't need it haha. Perhaps make it a gift?
I'm really excited about these three little pots! I think I will paint them and add a chevron pattern. Grey and white? Sounds good. Who knows where I'll put them or what I'll end up making them into, but after a good scrubbing, they should be ready for a DIY!

Also, I realized today while taking a carload of stuff to Goodwill (Marly sat on my lap the way there. That's how full my car was) that 90% of the stuff we donate on a regular basis is stuff my dad found, kept around for a while, then finally decided we didn't actually need it (like I told him all along), AND THEN I get the job of hauling it all off to Goodwill. Well, at least we have a system.
Greta said...

What about making the hanging flower pot into some sort of pots and pans hanger in the kitchen? I have a really small kitchen but it probably wouldn't work in a bigger one..

What about a scarf basket?!