This is Marly wishing me good first day of college this morning. He is just so supportive.

My first day went pretty well! I must say though, I spent pretty much all of it alone. Even though my best friend is going to the same school, I didn't see her at all! And then the people I did know, I wasn't really friends with in high school, so I felt like it would be awkward to talk to them now. So by myself I was. Oh well. After my first class, I ran into a girl I was best friends with for the first few years of high school and my face just lit up when I saw hers. Finally someone familiar! We just said hello and then I went on my way. 

Though it is kind of a bummer to be staying home and going to community college, it's kind of nice to possibly get a second chance with friendships you had given up on. Who knows what will happen.

Emily said...

I did community college for 2 years. It worked out because I was able to save a lot of money and do a lot more exploring within classes and majors. I was able to grow up and mature a little more, so once I went to a university, I was much more prepared than others! And that's awesome that your best friend is still in town with you! If you moved elsewhere, you'd have to make all new friends!! Ahem, like I'm trying to do in my new city. Sigh. So enjoy your time with friends for me, ;)

Jess said...

yeah it definitely has it's advantages! aw well hopefully you will find some ways to make some new friends soon! i will try :)

Katherine said...

aw! SO CUTE! i think the first few weeks can be hard.

and it's not a bad thing! at all. a lot of people do it. and hopefully you can save money and move out when you are comfortable. plus you get your dog. had i had teemo back then, i wouldn't have been able to bring him for the first two years

<3 katherine
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