Dear Jack

You have no idea how incredibly excited I am to tell you that I AM GOING TO THIS.
Oh yes. That is right. In November I will be in LA at this wonderful show with my wonderful Andrew McMahon, supporting young people fighting leukemia just like he had. I mean, it is Jack's Mannequin's final performance. How could I not go?

I will never forget when my dad and I saw him play at a little club in Sacramento last year. After waiting over a year for Andrew to announce another tour, we finally got to see him together. My dad cried. It was magical. It was like, there's that kid, the one we saw almost on his death bed, jumping on his piano and climbing on top of 6 foot speakers. 

Though this is the end of the Jack's Mannequin era, this is not the end of Andrew. Like Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer, Andrew McMahon is a man that I will continue to support and attend his shows until he no longer makes music.

So, need I say that I am beyond excited? November 11th, hurry up now.