I finally did it.


Yep! I finally went red! More ginger I suppose, but I'm not really an expert on all things concerning red hair. So I will just say this: I think I like it. It is so very different. I have been blonde my entire life, but this...this just feels kind of liberating! I was scared, but you only live once and it is only hair. Plus, fall is coming and what better time to go red than fall? I got a much needed haircut and rid of those awful (really, they were horrible) roots. After 3 hours at the hair salon, I'd say it was a productive Saturday.

Also, let it be noted that these shoes are horrific. I snatched them up on a super sale at Urban Outfitters (they were only $14!) and when they arrived in the mail, they were utterly disappointing. Not to mention that I read the product reviews after I had already ordered them in-store, and only bad things were said. When I opened them up, the wood platform was beat up and part of it was cracked like someone took a hammer to it. And the fit, oh goodness, don't get me started. My pinky toe sticks out the side of one of them AND I seriously fell on my bum TWICE while taking these photos. One second I was standing and the next I was on the ground. They are a death trap, and no it is not due to my lack of experience wearing high shoes. These shoes just all around suck, and after wearing them just for these photos, the sole was already coming off. Back to Urban they go.

Anyway, I promise my rant is over. Let us rejoice in the name of all things red headed.
Emily said...

The red looks so great on you!! I wouldn't have guessed that you weren't a natural red head. And your eyes? So pretty.