Lately on Instagram...

1. Me and my buddy in the car // 2. I will keep going to the pediatrician until they tell me I can't // 3. Bro-in-law's shorts
4. Sol Food! // 5. My favorite baby // 6. Spoiled dog
7. Empty dog park // 8. Cookies Rule Everything Around Me // 9. Feeling like a 50's housewife
10. New glasses! // 11. The hair salon // 12. Babysitting.

Oh how I love weekends. I love getting to spend time with friends and family, exploring the city and eating good food.

This weekend I went to dinner with some friends, got my hair done, went to San Francisco with my dad and his fiancé to take photos of them, ate a great italian place in the Castro, got some new glasses in SF, went to church, and worked at Lucky!

Wow that seems like a lot now that I write it all out! Crazy that next weekend will be even busier...

Anyhow, it is always funny returning to school and work after a haircut. I feel unrecognizable sometimes, but I like it & love all the compliments I have been receiving about my new hair :)

Here's to a good week!