Pumpkins are fun.

   As you could probably guess, we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday! I haven't been to one in such a long time. We got up early to beat the traffic since this area has tons of pumpkin patches and the roads are always packed every weekend in October.
Marly thoroughly enjoyed himself and passed out as soon as we started driving home. After about the gazilionth photo, he did not appreciate being posed with pumpkins, hay bales, or anything of the like.
What a trooper, that one is.

We got a bunch of pumpkins and I am excited to carve a few and decorate the house with them. But one thing that I didn't really realize: pumpkin patches are expensive. Gosh. They're just pumpkins...
Later that afternoon, I went to the grocery store and quickly realized that I had been ripped off.
We definitely didn't buy all the pumpkins we had impulsively added to our wagon.

But, I guess every few years it's alright to splurge on things like this, right?

This coming week is going to be pretty full with school, work, my dad going on vacation, tests, papers to write, and leaving for San Diego! I just want to fast forward through a few days until I am on the plane, leaving my every-day life behind for the weekend.