This world is not my home.

This is just so brilliant it should be in a museum. Said no one ever.
jacket-American Eagle//dress-Target//bag-Lucky Brand//booties-Toms
Yesterday we spend the afternoon at the de Young, an art museum in Golden Gate Park. For my photography class I had to see an exhibit and write a report about it, and well it is due Thursday so of course I waited until the last possible day to see one. But moving on, I really like the de Young. The museum itself is pretty cool and I love the viewing tower they have, which takes you up about 10 floors to a panoramic viewing room. You can see the entire city. It's simply breathtaking. If you're ever in Golden Gate Park, do it. I would pay to get into the museum just to spend time up there drawing.

I loved the photography exhibit, but I was not very interested in the ancient tribal art they had or the paintings. Also, I think it stinks that they have exhibits you have to pay extra to get into! But nonetheless, the de Young is a great place to poke around, spend some time in the viewing tower, and even have some lunch in their cute café.

I really should start exploring more of the museums while I still live here. I have been to the MoMA several times and the de Young twice, but there are still many more museums to check out!
Plus, Golden Gate Park is just glorious on a Sunday afternoon.