1. Take a train somewhere.
2. Learn to screen print.
3. Gain 100 followers of my blog.
4. Go to Seattle.
5. Shoot 20 rolls of film.
6. Learn to knit & crochet better.
7. Get a new car.
8. Go to Portland.
9. Start making fine art by hand again.
10. Lose at least 20lbs.
11. Start having sponsors for my blog.
12. Make at least 20 crafts from my Pinterest list.
13. Travel outside of the U.S.
14. Have an internship or job in the creative world.
15. Go to Yosemite.
16. Possibly start an Etsy shop of some sort.
17. Read 20 non-school books.
18. Learn more about blog design.
19. Practice taking portraits.
20. Keep up with birthday cards and presents for my family.

So, as I just turned 19, I've realized that it is my last year of being a "teenager" and that my next birthday will be a milestone. Two decades old? Gosh, time flies.
At any rate, I decided that this will be the year of getting things done. There are things I want to do and I can do them all! Plus, what feels better than crossing things off a list?

inventedromance said...

This is such a lovely list :) Good luck crossing things off!! I definitely know how you feel! I'm still young at 21 but I feel like I should still be a teenager all the time. Time definitely flies!