The Perks of Being a (Bathroom) Wallflower

Happy Sunday night, all. Today was a busy day spent at the Oakland A's Fan Fest, although I am not really a fan, and at a birthday extravaganza for a one-year-old that I had not previously met.

So, here are a few thoughts on that:
- Fan Fest: overrated and essentially like a Disneyland with no rides, also known as painfully long lines  that trick you into thinking that they could be short, only to take you through twisting turns near the front. But I was not fooled. I knew that it was going to take FOREVER to get a picture with a baseball player of which whom I have not the slightest idea their name.
- Why I was at Fan Fest: I am a supportive girlfriend who understands that we cannot always do things that I want to do. So, being supportive includes waiting in line for an hour and a half, and being the line keeper while said boyfriend collects free swag and takes photos of anything with an A's logo on it, as if he were a kid in a candy shop. That look makes it all worth it. (Also, praise the Lord for Kindles)
- On to the party: Now, this party was no ordinary one-year-old's party. It was held in a rented hall, with a DJ, a photo booth, long tables of food, many round tables with decorations for sitting, and a giant cake station. And there were princess costumes, which I suppose are pretty normal for a one-year-old little girl.
- Filipino people are hilarious. That is all.
After this busy day and as I am starting to feel a little sick, this is all I want to do tonight:
Sounds like a good plan to me.

I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower today and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy books about somewhat neurotic male teenagers apparently, as I also loved The Catcher in the Rye, It's Kind of a Funny Story, and Looking For Alaska. While I was in the shower, this got me thinking and I started to wonder if I was at all strange like those characters, and then next thing I knew I was inspired to pull out my film Nikon and finish off my roll of film with photos of my feet in the shower and different parts of my bathroom. Including throwing pennies in my toilet like a wishing well. Followed by tossing a couple plastic dinosaurs in there too. I have no explanation. Except that in the midst of this, Dai showed up at my house, saw what I was doing, and asked if there was something I'd like to talk about. So maybe that answers my question about whether or not I am like Charlie or Holden.

At any rate, I hope my photos turn out well.

Unknown said...

Cute pictures. I loved The Perks of being a wallflower too, but it definitely doesn't beat Catcher in the Rye – that book is one of my favourites, and can I say it kind of changed my life? ;)

x Gi