Driftwood + Dried Plants

Yesterday while I was out by the bay, I found these nice little wild plants. I don't know if they are flowers or actually weeds, but even if they are just weeds, I still think they are lovely.
I also found a couple of pieces of driftwood and decided to make this one into a decoration for the top of my toilet.
There were many cool pieces of wood, but I really like this one because it has holes and gaps in it.
So, when I got home I just grabbed a mason jar from my collection, found some tea candles, put the dried plants in the jar, and arranged it all on the piece of wood.
And there you go. The easiest craft and decoration. Free and rustic. I just love it.

What cool finds have you made part of your home?

Alyssa said...

This is such a lovely idea! I'll be on the lookout for these supplies now (:

Lublyou said...

Wow! This is very creative and so pretty! I love the idea of using wood for decorating the house. Free is a bonus, too :-)