Just give me the chocolate, please?

Yesterday, I started the morning off right with a left over lemon coconut cupcake from Sprinkles. The breakfast of champions. Dai picked me up for a surprise date and we headed to the dog park and lagoon for a picnic. 
It was FREEZING, but I love how beautiful my town is.
Part 2 of our date was a chocolate tasting and tour at a Preston's Candy & Ice Cream. What fun!
The tour started with a little history of chocolate and its origins. I didn't realize there was so much that went into it! They showed us the equipment and processes that are used to make the candy.
But, let's be real, I just wanted to get on to eating the stuff.
It was tempting not to sneak a scoop of some of this melted goodness. 
Then came what I had been waiting for the whole time: tasting! We got to try about 10 different types of candy squares, chocolates, and brittles. 
And then another 16 types of chocolates for this super official research sheet. You know, I have to give my professional chocolatier opinion ;)
 We were given different kinds of white, milk, and dark chocolates. This was definitely my favorite part! It's amazing how they all taste so differently. I made sure to take extra careful notes, you know, cause I need to find out which chocolate is my favorite! And then buy it in bulk. I discovered that chocolate with 100% cocao content is terrible and that I'd rather eat sand. I also discovered that cocoa butter that is used in lotions and cosmetics comes from fatty content that separates from the cocao nibs when its melted down. And that some white chocolate doesn't even have any chocolate in it.

ANYWAY, eventually, I was just in a sugar coma and it was wonderful. I highly reccomend it.
(Note: side effects may include skipping giddily through public places and impaired ability to focus)

If you are ever in the Bay Area and are a chocolate lover, this is the place for you!

P.S. This is my last day of winter break! Oh no!!!
Lena Elise said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable Jess! Will be coming back lots in the future! :)

Also, I am extremely jealous of this little adventure! Looks like you had a lot of fun, and who doesn't love chocolate?! lol

This Lovely Little Day

Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

That chocolate looks amazing! What a cool experience to go and see how it's made and learn about it! Even though I would be the one in the back gorging all of hers.

Unknown said...

MMmm, now I'm hungry!

Octavia said...

Oh wow, that sounds delicious. I just started following your blog and it's really great! So I just wanted to say hello. :)