Berkeley Biddings

Hello there! I am officially back. And I mean officially. Lately I have been sick, out car shopping, enjoying the new car I finally bought, out to the museum and working. Luckily, I've tried to tote my camera along for most of the adventures so I have some posts ready to share with you guys.

A couple weekends ago, I met up with my aunt in Berkeley since she was in town for business. You know I love dogs, but let me tell you, my aunt loves dogs and animals in general more than anyone I know. I kid you not. We met several, such as that beauty up there, and she even held someone's dog all through a line at an ice cream. Hysterical.
We spent the afternoon shopping and finished our evening off with dinner at her hotel. I got a super cute sweater at Anthropologie that I can't wait to show here on the blog. I just want everything in that store. In fact, can I just move in since I love the decor anyway? Thanks!

Anyway, hope life has been treating you all well!