A Trip to The MoMA

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (the MoMA) is one of my favorite places in the city. I often like to venture there on the first Tuesday of the month, when admission is free. I will admit, I was a little disappointed about what was displayed this time since I didn't realize that I was coming during a transition between exhibits. The ones I want to see start this weekend! A few days early. 
Nonetheless, the MoMA is always a great time. I love the architecture of the building itself and how open it feels in areas.
While I was there, I saw a great photography exhibit about the apartheid in South Africa and South African culture in general. Another photography exhibit about American life in the 1950's is opening this weekend, so I will definitely be making my way back soon to see that.

If you haven't been to the MoMA, definitely try to make it soon! It is actually closing in June of this year for a remodel and addition to the museum and will not be open again until 2016! 2016!!! 
Gotta go while you can!