It's about the journey.

Hello there! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did.
We decided to take a day trip to explore Yosemite National Park. I really love road trips. They are the best.
Though the destination is the main goal of the trip, I am all about the journey. In fact, sometimes the journey can be more memorable than the destination. Though I do like getting wherever we are supposed to be going in a somewhat timely manner, I do not mind stopping along the way to take in a view, shoot some outfit photos, or pick up some local treats.
That's pretty much exactly how I felt about this trip. As we were chattering and driving along a two lane road in the middle of some farm land, we saw a gorgeous field of yellow flowers and quickly made a U-turn. I mean, we had to. How could we pass that up?
Though there was a slightly chilly breeze, I knew Spring was there somewhere underneath, revealing itself in laughter and contentness. We walked further and further in this undoubtedly private land, keeping track of Marly by the occasional bobbing head as he hopped through the tall grasses like a bunny rabbit. 
Sweater - Anthropologie // Jeans - Lucky Brand // Boots - Ugg // Necklace - Lucky Brand

To be quite honest, Yosemite was a bit of a bummer. We hand't done much research, we didn't find much to do as a result, and there wasn't any snow. It was absolutely beautiful though, but what I cherish most about that trip is the time we spent in this flower field, listening to the freight trains go by and fighting the urge to roll around in these lush flowers.

This week is kicking my butt. I am over my head in homework, work, and life in general. Where is a good flower field and a blanket to lay on when you need one?

P.S. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love this sweater? I got it on sale at Anthropologie last month and have never looked back. It is light weight, but just warm enough, AND it has an adorable cream floral tail of sorts. Just fantastic!
Lena Elise said...

Those flowers!!! I just made a post about how much I love flowers this week, I wish it looked like this in Michigan right now! I can't wait for Spring! :)

This Lovely Little Day

Lublyou said...

It's so warm and beautiful there! Lucky you! All the flowers and green grass.. <3 We still have snow ugh