Blue Bottle Coffee

Though the MoMA may have been a bit disappointing because of the closed exhibits, it definitely redeemed itself through the food. They have a Blue Bottle Coffee on the top floor, which has amazing coffee, cakes, and little sandwiches.
The barista told me to feel free to take photos, so I happily obliged without any intention of buying anything.
But then, I just couldn't resist... I decided on a chocolate ganache mocha with the limited edition Hirst cake (lemon velvet cake, white chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting, and edible confetti!)
It. Was. A. Dream.

Also, I must really like you guys because I spent $12 on these treats just so I could spend my sweet time taking these photos to turn into a blog post for your enjoyment. You're welcome. That is all.

Now I'm off for a day trip to Yosemite to explore... Pictures to come!

Lublyou said...

this is amazing!! I wish I could go there! Great photos!

Lublyou said...

PS: I have no idea how we missed this cafe last summer.. maybe because there were tons of exhibitions. Next time I'll start from the top! :-D

Octavia said...

This all looks so cute and delicious! I love the art aspect to those little cakes.

Oh hello, Love said...

So glad you spent those $12! Well worth it! You captured that little cake beautifully.

Unknown said...

This looks like my kind of place! Such lovely photos! -Jessica L