A New Friend

It's nice to make new friends. Lately, I have been more adventurous in that aspect of my life and have been putting myself out of my comfort zone more. That's how I met this lovely girl, Ola. She is from Poland, living here as an Au Pair, and just being the beautiful soul she is.
Since she is an Au Pair, we enjoy talking about "our kids" (you know, because I'm a nanny), but she is also creative, like me! We have started working on a few projects together and will hopefully be starting some more soon. She edits and makes videos, so hopefully she can teach me a thing or two. Plus, she knits, so someone can finally teach me more about that!

Anyway, as I said, it is nice to make new friends, but it is also something that is sometimes hard. So, I'm especially grateful for meeting this gal!

This is my second full day in LA for spring break and I have been getting some much needed love from the sun. And a mani/pedi ;)

Lublyou said...

This is great! Congrats on finding a new friend! I really need to do this more.. since we moved to this small town it was really hard to find friends. We try but it's just not the best place I guess.. Ski resort - lots of people come for winter and leave in March.. Heh. Happy for you though!