Bruschetta + Me

I LOVE BRUSCHETTA. It has been decided. It is wonderful in every way, especially when you get to pick and four you'd like and two of those are prosciutto with fig & mascarpone and brie with apples & spicy pecans. It's simply the best way to start spring break, or any evening really.
So that's what we did on Friday night! My best friend, Tatiana, was home from college and we teamed up with our other best friend, Kaitlin, for an evening of bruschetta loving.
I think the rest of these speak for themselves. If you and (good) bruschetta aren't friends yet, do yourself a favor!

Octavia said...

Oh my god that looks delicious. I just freaking love prosciutto.

Blytheponytailparades said...

Ooooh this all looks amazing! :D Have a fun spring break!