California Girl: Transplanted

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Well guys, I know I haven't been in these parts much this past week, but I do have a big announcement for you: I will be spending this summer in Texas!

I know, I know. You're thinking, "But why the hell would she want to go there during the summer?" Yes, I know that the weather is far from ideal and, as my cousin puts it, I'll want to rip my clothes off every time I walk to my car, but the important part here is that it is an ADVENTURE! And you know what? I need a good adventure right now. Quite honestly, a year ago this is the very last thing that I could have imagined happening. But that's pretty much how this entire past year has been. I thought that I would be going to college on the east coast and studying art. But instead, I have been going to community college and working as a nanny, and I never thought that I would think this, but I actually feel blessed by it all. This was in no way my plan, but it has become obvious to me that it is not my plan that I must follow. I must follow God's plan for me and He has been making that pretty clear.

So, why Texas? About a month ago, my aunt and uncle who live in Houston took a chance and asked me if I would be interested in coming to Texas for the summer to be their 1-year-old son's nanny while their usual one is on maternity leave, thinking that it would be a long shot that I would come. I took some time to think about it, and realized that it could be an adventure with all of the variables already taken care of; I would have a place to live, a job, and a new city with a great arts and music scene to explore. What's not to love? So that was that and I'll be leaving in June, right after my dad's wedding! 

Though I have not yet been able to experience leaving home like many of my peers, I feel so blessed to have an opportunity like this. So, get ready for a California girl's adventure in The Lone Star State! Oh, and the best part? My little black dog will be tagging along for the journey!

Jessica Who? said...

i'm so excited for you!! i was born and raised in houston and miss it so much! what area of houston will you be living in? let me know if you have any questions, want tips, etc. minus the summer heat, there's a lot to do in that big city! good luck! xx

Lublyou said...

This is awesome! Great adventures, Jess! When are you going to be there? We're traveling through Houston in the end of May.
PS: didn't do any blogging this weekend yet. Going to do the icons tomorrow!