It has been nice being home this weekend. I love going away and being on adventures, but there is always something comforting about coming home. Walking in the door to a jumping pup is the greatest, as well as the familiar smell of my favorite candle in my room and everything just the way I left it. Of course, I hate unpacking, but it's okay if my suitcase just sits there in the corner for a week, right?
Jacket - American Eagle // Dress - F21 // Sweater - Anthropologie // Boots - Steve Madden
I did end up pulling this outfit out of my suitcase to go out Friday night and heading over to the lagoon near my house for these photos. The weather in LA was lovely, so it was difficult coming home to the foggy cold going on here at home. Oh well, spring will be in full force soon enough. Hopefully.

Despite the weather not catching up, I cannot believe it is already April! This semester will be over soon enough, and then the summer will hit with 3 weddings, trips, and a break from school. I can hardly wait!

Lublyou said...

I love the ring!! <3 We have 2 weddings this summer, too! In Georgia and Salt Lake. Where will you go?