Things Aren't Always Black and White

As you know, my dad is getting married in June! I cannot believe how quickly time is going, and before I know it, family will be arriving from all over for the festivities. Per my dad and his fiancĂ©'s request for all of their kids, I am going to wear a black and white dress to the wedding with red accents incorporated. So, now I have been on the hunt for that perfect dress! I always love an excuse to get a new dress, so I am pretty excited. 

This is where I need your help! I believe I have narrowed it down to three dresses, each having a different look and feel. Now please help me choose!
Plane and Simple Dress via Modcloth
I picked this one because it is obviously black and white, but doesn't have too much black for a summer wedding or too much white that would compete with the bride. It is also the most elegant looking. I would pair this with red heels for a pop of color.
Hound Sleuth Dress via Modcloth
I love this one for obvious reasons! I mean, it has dachshunds on it, and in case you haven't noticed, my little Marly is a dachshund! It is obviously amazing, that is not the question. The questions are 1. Can it be made elegant enough for a cocktail party wedding? and 2. When I look back, will I really be happy that I wore a dachshund dress?
BUT, I will say this: IT IS SO ME. And that's important, right? I picture this with a skinny red bow belt and red heels.
This dress is just so fun! Every girl needs a polka dot dress like this, but do they need one to wear to their dad's wedding? Definitely a flirty and girly look!

And that is all. I'm thinking about just ordering all three and then deciding at home (hey, Modcloth does free returns!), but I'd love to know what you think! Which one gets your vote and how would you style it?

Lublyou said...

I love the second one but I love the last one even more! I mean number 2 is fun and I like its shape.. but 3 is a winner - so cute, romantic.. and it's in polka dots!

I'm struggling right now looking for a dress, too! Unfortunately, I didn't get any direction for color or anything. And it's the first American wedding I'm attending, so I don't want to overdress or not dress enough.. In other words, I'm stressed haha

Anonymous said...
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