Something I'm Good At

Day 2: Something I'm good at or know a lot about

So guys, here's something I am good at: Procrastinating
Here are some tips so you can be as successful as me:
- Go on Facebook and read statuses about people you don't really care about, then click on their profile and lurk their photos all the way back to 2006. That really helps.
- Head over to Pinterest, take a look at your feed, click on the puppy photos and then search for some more because one just isn't enough and they are so damn cute. Make a board devoted to these cuties so you can keep them forever.
- After you've had your fill of puppies for the day, do a bit of online shopping for things you'll never buy.
- This makes you think of the great outfits your fellow bloggers have put together, so you decide to check your Bloglovin' feed to see what's new. You click on one of your regular reads, which leads you to another blogger, which leads to another, and before you know it, you have no idea how you ended up here.
- Once you get bored with the internet, call a friend or family member, especially someone you know you will have a long conversation. This usually ends up being my sister.
- After you've done all this, look at the clock and it should be around 11:30 or 12 at night and your procrastinating should be going pretty well by now.
- After taking a bit more time to decide if you should start the task at hand, you figure the evening is shot, so you might as well just head to bed and call it a night. You set your alarm for 5:30am so you can make up the time you lost tonight.
- Press snooze until 8:30am.

Congratulations, you have officially began the long process of mastering the art of procrastination.

Lublyou said...

I'm really good at that, too! Sometimes it's actually nice to procrastinate haha