Things That Make Me Feel Uncomfortable

Day 3: Things that make me feel uncomfortable

You know, I've been thinking about this, and not many things come to mind, at least not socially. I'm not uncomfortable with mothers breast feeding in public, or talking to strangers in the supermarket. But I guess I am comfortable at parties and gatherings where I only know one or two people, so maybe I take that back haha. This has actually been kind of tough for me the past few years. In large group settings, I am an observer. I like to take the situation in and get a feel for what I am dealing with before I join in. Then I guess I am also uncomfortable with typical things like walking places alone at night, being home alone at night (wow I guess I really don't like nighttime...), parking garages, and also being wet and sandy in the car after the beach. I mean, who isn't uncomfortable with that last one? It's pretty horrible, especially when the air conditioner is turned on and you're wet, sandy, and cold. Just awful, I tell you.