Gloomy Friday

(This post was meant for last Friday, but alas, things happen. Still just as important)

It's a gloomy, thundering, and rainy Friday here in Houston. And those are my favorite kind. These gloomy Fridays are perfect for ordering in, watching many episodes of a favorite show, drinking tea, and staying in your PJs. And for babies and puppies to sleep on your lap.

I will say this though: the rain is kind of strange here. It is that warm summer, southern rain I have only read about. It is not cold or threatening, but it is restorative and freshening like an afternoon nap. It sets in quickly, changing the sky from clue to grey when you aren't looking. It is the kind that you could happily sit on the front porch and listen to, the thunder clapping like a dog barking at nothing. I just may miss this when I return to California.

Lublyou said...

I know I shouldn't complain about this perfect hot summer weather that we've been having for the last month, but... I kind of hope it thunders and rains in the evening, too! It's my favorite kind of evening weather, very cozy!