How things fade away

Let me just start off by saying this: I hate shorts. I hate shorts, but will generally force myself to wear them. They are even worse in sticky, humid heat. So, I try to stick to dresses as much as possible when going out. I would much much much rather throw on a cute, breezy dress that 1. is a complete look in one piece and 2. doesn't awkwardly stick to my legs like shorts do. Dresses are a fabulous invention.
Dress - One Love via Marshall's // Glasses - RayBan // Sandals - Old Navy // Bag - Lucky Brand
I got this dress (and another with the same cut, but different pattern) the day before I left CA, knowing that I would need them here in Texas. In fact, I bought 5 dresses. But anyway, this and the other dress in the same style both fit me really well, BUT have each ripped in the back near the straps upon the first wear. I have only worn each of them one time! I don't understand this and it is kind of upsetting, but sometimes you truly do get what you pay for (they're from Marshall's). I have debated wether or not I should try to return them, or if I should suck it up and deal with it (they can't be fixed). 

But either way, I do love this print (blue is my color!). And I noticed that I have this strange, kind of cool, natural ombre thing going on with my hair. I guess that's what happens when red dye fades away?! I don't know, but I'll take it for now.