The day I became a cowgirl

As promised, here are some photos from one of my adventures I have had so far in Texas. Though I am in Houston mostly, I did spend the 4th of July weekend at my aunt's house in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and Dai came to visit!
One day, we went to lunch with my cousins and then headed over to the Stock Yards after to explore.
The Stock Yards are pretty much filled with stereotypical Texas type things, like western wear, some saloons, steakhouses, and of course, lots and lots of cowboy boots. A kind lady helped me find these gems, and boy, I was smitten. All except for the price tag. You'd be surprised at how much boots are, or at least I was. These ones are probably the most inexpensive pair that I saw (at $350), but we saw some with price tags as high as $2,500. Can you believe it?! So, no boots for me. Yet...
We needed to get some cold drinks to beat the heat, and there's nothing like a Sprite or Coke out of a glass bottle. Now, I don't want to complain about the heat too much, but goodness... It is an indescribable experience at times. 
I have really loved all of the photo opportunities there have been here in Texas, and I love that I force myself to bring my camera along everywhere I go. Maybe I can even keep that up when I go back to CA :)