Summer Bucket List, Even Though Summer Is Almost Over...

I am a list maker. It's just what I do. I make lists of projects, ideas for this blog, places I want to go, things I need to get accomplished, and things I simply want to do! Found this little list while I was flipping through my notebook the other day. Haven't really done any of this yet, but I think I can do it all when I go home to CA in a week, don't you?! I will only have a week left until school starts back up again, but I plan on making the most of my time!

I actually have already started shooting some color film and am so excited to be taking photos in Austin with it this weekend! At any rate, I think I'll start planning a bonfire with friends, and try to drag myself out of bed to watch a sunset, preferably one with a view of San Francisco :)

Do you like making lists? Or do you have anything you want to do this summer?

Happy Saturday! I'm spending the day exploring Austin :)

Unknown said...

My 19 Before 20 is basically my summer bucket list since my birthday is in the middle of september

Mmmm the sunrise is such a good idea! Everyone needs to get up to see the sunrise every once in awhile! When I open the cafe I have to be there by 6am so I usually get to see the sunrise and I love it! It's the most beautiful thing to me when I walk up the street where I park and the sun is rising behind the cafe building. Ah so pretty! And central market is right behind the cafe and it's so cool to think about how many sunrises central market has seen (it's one of the oldest markets).
Okay...I'm done rambling now. I just love sunrises/early mornings!