West Coast Love // In Which There is No Plan

Dai and I spent this past weekend down in LA visiting my family for a baby shower. After the shower, we had no plans, and that was actually really nice. We spent the afternoon and evening driving around care-freely, picking our next destination as we went. 
My feet had not touched the Pacific since coming back to California, and it felt so freeing. The ocean will always hold a special place in my heart and is thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. But that's kind of like life, you know? You never know what will happen next, and that is the beautiful and frightening thing about it.
I loved spending this time walking hand in hand with Dai along the beach as the salty wind whipped through my hair. We wrote our names in the sand and ran away from the rushing water.
After the beach, we headed to Griffith Observatory. I had been longing to visit this place for a while now. It was very crowded on this Saturday night, and we had to make quite the trek from our car to the observatory. But it was definitely worth it, as the views are stunning, especially at night.
The glowing lights of Los Angeles make the city seem peaceful, and make me feel small. We were able to walk around inside the observatory and view exhibits about the moon and stars, which were actually pretty cool. I highly recommend visiting this (free!) landmark, and next time I want to wander around the park where it is located and find this bench from 500 Days of Summer :)

Though this place is beautiful at night, next time I would love to see it in the daylight, or even at sunset. We finished the night off with a trip to Milk, for salted caramel and Thai tea ice cream sandwiches, and then a get together in a string-lit backyard with the warmth of a fire.

I don't always know where the day will take us, and as much as I like to have a "plan" to be able to fit in as much as possible, it is kind of nice just going with the flow.

I wish you all a lovely weekend! Mine will be busy, but hopefully I will find some rest. Can you believe September is practically gone already?! Time is just flying by...

Mal said...

Those are great pictures!! Love the dress too.
Have a great weekend :)