Weekly Wishes #5

Today I am linking up with Melyssa of The Nectar Collective for my fifth week of Weekly Wishes! I have really been loving this motivating link-up and being held accountable for these goals :)

- Enjoy my new job! I started last Monday, and so far I really like it! I am nannying for two kids (a girl and a boy) and they are into crafts, love my dog, and think I'm awesome (which my previous kids did not because they were angsty boys and it just wasn't cool to have a nanny)! So things are off to a great start :)

- Finish buying all of my books and school supplies. Done! Well, almost, but pretty much done!

- Stay on top of homework. Sometimes I did well at this. And other times not so well... But I am trying and am becoming more aware of how my time is divided each week, and how much of it is needed for my classes.

- Blog more! Check! I am even much more organized this month and made myself a fancy lil' calendar to go along with it. This week (and month) is going to be full of great stuff, so stay tuned!

- Take my lunch every day. This seems insignificant, but I tend to be really bad about this, which either ends up with me being starving or unnecessarily spending money and eating unhealthily. So, to remedy this situation, I went out this weekend and bought myself some cool little lunch containers to take my food in, and a cute bag to carry it all in. Okay, so I am totally a dork and am actually excited by this stuff. I like being organized and think it is fun. Yep, go ahead and laugh. I'll wait. Done?

- Mentally prepare for and then ROCK the wedding I'm filming on Saturday. I'm pretty nervous about this! My friend who I am doing it with, Ola, is great with video and knows way more than I do about it, so it is nice to have her by my side. I did practice in the last few weeks, so that's good! I just focus on photography usually, so it has been kind of fun dabbling in something new. Wish us luck!

- Find time to relax and unwind. This week is going to be crazy! I have a paper due, as well as a few other hefty assignments and long days working and at school. This upcoming weekend will also be busy and tiring, so I am hoping that somewhere and somehow I will be able to find time to relax just a bit. Please, universe?

And that's all for this week! Pretty basic stuff, but I know that I won't be able to handle much more this week, so I have to be realistic in my goal setting. I would love to add things like make art for myself, work out, walk every day, and other things that will make me happy and feel better. I'll just have to save those for another week :)

The Nectar Collective

P.S. Did you notice the new header?! I feel like it is finally 'me' :)

amber said...

I won't for one second laugh at you and your lunch containers/bag. I make my lunch every day (sometimes making them says ahead of time) --- it's a great way to stay healthy and save money. Who wants to spend all of our hard-earned money on lunches that will you put you into a food coma by 2PM anyways? Good luck with your week this week - sounds like you have a busy one!!

Lauren said...

I love the idea of taking your lunch! You save so much money and empty calories and wasted time! Good luck filming the wedding! That sounds so fun and special!

Lix Hewett said...

I want to see the lunch containers and bag! I love organizy stuff. And I'm super picky about food so I totally get and support taking your own lunch every day.

I have no idea how you film a wedding, that's so awesome that you can do that! I'm sure it will go great, plus you have your friend you trust there for support. :D Best of luck!

- Lix | A Classic Notion

PS: Would you like to swap ads with me? I looked around your blog and I really love what I'm seeing. <3

Remi said...

Sounds like a busy week! Hope you can find some relaxing time! Best of luck!

Amanda said...

I am so bad about taking lunches to work too. I always end up eating junk. Maybe I should get a new lunch sack to motivate me too! Haha. By the way, LOVE the blog design. Gorgeous.

Jess said...

I am so glad that there is another college student blogger that I follow to keep me motivated to stay on top of homework and assignments instead of just wanting to jet set around the world!

T&C said...

I used to bring lunch to school and whenever I could in college and wouldn't have had it any other way so I'm definitely supporting your take your lunch to work/school goal.
Good luck filming the wedding and don't forget to have fun! Good luck with the rest of your goals.
Love your new header - love the hint of mystery ;)

Jessica Panian said...

Having a cute lunch sack to take is definitely motivating! I was super picky about which one to get and ended up ordering it online haha.
Thank you so much! I am finally really happy with it and how all of the elements work together :)

Jessica Panian said...

I don't have the bag yet because I ordered it online (couldn't find one I liked enough in person!), but maybe on next week's WW I will post a photo in the update :)

Thank you! I'm nervous but it should be great!!

I'd love to swap ads! You can either email me at, or go to my sponsor page and select one of the ads for swapping and I can do the same for you. Thanks for the love <3

Jessica Panian said...

Aww I'm glad I can help! Believe me, it is difficult sometimes and I often wish I could just drop everything and head off to Europe or Australia :)

Jessica Panian said...

Sometimes I am too lazy to pack my lunch, but hopefully I can break free of that!

Thank you!! I wasn't even planning on really changing it, but all of a sudden I was inspired, and three hours later I had a new header haha gotta roll with it I guess! I didn't really think about the mystery, but I guess that fits in with the whole "foreign" part ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Jessica Panian said...

Oh good! You are completely right. Plus I'm pretty awful with money and keeping track of it, so this will be a great habit to form!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Jennifer Kingaard said...

I recognize that sink.

Chestnut Mocha said...

Good luck at the wedding! And yes! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the header - it's so YOU!

Elizabeth Than said...

Breakfast is the most important, but eating lunch and dinner are essential too! Take an hour off everything (and I meant EVERY SINGLE THINGS) and just go out for a walk around the neighbourhood, or nearest store to grab a couple of your favourite snacks. Good luck!