East vs. West: Sol Food + GIVEAWAY!

This week's East vs. West is very special. I am talking about one of my very favorite places and there is also a GIVEAWAY! Yay! As a request from one great reader (thanks, Britt!) Abby and I decided to highlight one of our favorite lunch spots where we live. Dai and I were visiting my sister in San Rafael (about 15 minutes north over the Golden Gate Bridge), and decided to stop at Sol Food on our way home for a late lunch because no trip to Marin County is complete without eating at Sol Food, this lovely bright green building.

Sol Food is a Puerto Rican Cuisine restaurant that specializes in only using organic, gluten-free, locally grown products. Their menu is quite extensive and unique, though I always get the same thing! That's what boyfriends and husbands are for right? They get new things and you can try them, but still have your go-to favorite as well. It's a wonderful system.

The decor is colorful, vibrant, and full of character. One of my favorite parts of the restaurant is the long table with barstools that run along the windows that slide completely open. It is the nicest place to enjoy a meal on a breezy day. Sometimes we even bring Marly and he sits happily at my feet, between the pavement and the restaurant.

They make wonderful drinks, like this limade that Dai always gets. Plus they all come in a mason jar, so I am a happy camper.

Plantain chips! With a perfect sauce. I don't like cooked plantains very much, but in chip form they are awesome.

While Dai prefers the limeade, I am all about their mango-orange iced tea. It is simply the best. I could drink it every day and wish Sol Food were closer to home so I could just stop in for a drink!

I always, always get this glorious steak sandwich. It has thinly sliced steak, carmelized onions, avocado, swiss cheese, and a sauce I could just bathe in. It is just so wonderful that I hardly have any words for it. You just need to come here and try it for yourself!

Dai got rotisserie chicken with rice, black beans, salad, and plantains. His was also very good! The chicken was so tender and moist, and all of their classic sides are just great and complimented it well.

The steak sandwich is also very good with some of their homemade hot sauce on it! I still need to buy a bottle of this stuff to put on everything at home.

Pretty dreamy, right? I know you already have that Southwest tab open so you can see when the next flight to the Bay Area leaves so you can make it here for lunch. I just know it. At any rate, I have loved sharing with you this unique place! I will be dreaming of that steak sandwich and iced tea tonight...

I think this is my favorite East vs. West post yet, and it only gets better with this awesome giveaway we have for you as well! I decided to make my package a surprise to build up the suspense, you know, but you can find out what Abby is giving away over at her blog! I am really excited for this giveaway and for a lucky winner to get our east and west coast themed packages!

Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks said...

Oh for the love of Puerto Rican FOOD!!!! You just made me miss home so much!! My mouth is watering and i just can't stop staring at these pictures!! If they sell Mofongo relleno de pollo (Plantains filled with chicken), you HAVE to order it in my name!! ;D It's like my all time favorite puerto rican dish!!