Weekly Wishes #11

Happy Monday! Today I'm linking up with Melyssa over a The Nectar Collective for the motivating Weekly Wishes.
- Buy and start the Busy Bloggers Book Club book. Done! I got it for my Kindle and I really like it so far :) Hopefully I will find time to finish it this week!

- Get a calligraphy set. I got one! Don't know much about it, but I messed around with it a bit and want to practice more. I would love to take a class from Laren at Blue Eye Brown Eye. What a dream!

- Rock my midterms! Honestly, I didn't study much, but I did feel alright about them and the best part is that they are behind me haha.

- Put 100% of my effort into my personal training sessions. Gosh, they have been tough so far, but I know that they aren't supposed to be easy. I am definitely working hard and it feels good to do so. Gotta keep with it!

- Return emails within 48 hours and texts before the end of the day. I don't know when or how, but somewhere along the way, I became awful at returning texts and e-mails. Just awful. I know I need to fix that, so no time like the present!

- Edit photos from my baby nephew's shoot. It was a week ago and I haven't gotten around to editing them yet... That is very unlike me though since I am usually just itching to get started. I've just had a lot going on!

- Stick to my new meal plan. With my new personal training sessions comes a new meal plan! I love food, so this is sometimes hard for me to do. I stuck to the plan yesterday, and I'll be honest, the lunch and dinner was pretty underwhelming. Bland and boring. But, I know it won't be like that forever, so I need to do my best to stick to it!

- Take care of little tasks. Like making a vet appointment for Marly's check-up, filling out and sending forms to postpone jury duty, and maybe even finding a new dentist because mine moved and I haven't been in quite a while...
The Nectar Collective

Katie Baker said...

Great goals! I find taking care of the little tasks can be so much harder than the big things.

Jess said...

I would love to get into calligraphy! Although, since I hardly write anymore my penmanship has seen much better days (like 5th grade), but this might be the perfect creative outlet. Would love to hear how you like it in a few weeks!

Chestnut Mocha said...

What is your meal planning about? Do you have to eat/not eat specific things?
Calligraphy sounds wonderful! I have a few books, too, but as always, never find time to sit and try anything..

Vaida Tamošauskaitė said...

love the photo!! love love love it! :)
such a good one, and suits so perfectly this week's theme!
Also - well done you last week!
Personal training sessions always are tough, but hey! first step is the most important - and I think you've already made one!
wish you all the best luck for the upcoming week! wishes sound so great!!! :)

Lix Hewett said...

I feel you on the emails bit. I'm trying really hard to be better about that, too, because things piled up over the summer and the least I can do is not let NEW things pile up, too. Good luck!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yes! You definitely should! I got the set but haven't practiced much... I love when people add it to designs and whatnot, so I definitely want to learn!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Gosh, don't I know it, girl... It is so hard to start working on those things when you are already feeling so behind! Good luck to you too!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks so much! Yes, my training sessions are so tough, but I feel good afterwards and that is what matters! Can't wait to see some results :)