In the Quiet Moments: My first baby shoot

Last month, I had the pleasure of photographing my brand new nephew, Riley IV, that was born in July while I was in Texas. If you recall, I also photographed a maternity shoot while my sister was pregnant with him! Well, here he is!

As I was putting this post together, I originally included the color photographs that I took, but I decided to split them into two separate posts since they both have such different feelings. These show the quiet, soft moments between mother and child, while those are more energetic. So I will post the color photos another day to let these ones shine on their own.

I hope you enjoyed these photos! They are truly some of my favorite ones I have taken to date, especially these last two and the second photo in the post. Oh, who am I kidding? I LOVE THEM ALL. I would say that these black and white photos really represent my style, and I am so happy that I was able to capture the intimacy between mama and baby, especially with someone like my sister.

After looking through this shoot and thinking about the other shoots I have done the past couple years, I have decided that I really want to try to focus on my photography in 2014. Maybe set up a website with my portfolio and start taking on paying clients. I am so grateful to have gotten to practice on so many of my family members. I don't think that what I do in 2014 will be the beginning of my actual business that I plan on starting, but you never know what could happen and gaining more experience is always a good thing.

At any rate, that is kind of where I am at with my photography. Everyone always says that you should do what you love, and there are few things that make my heart feel as content as it does when I am behind a camera.

Jennifer Kingaard said...

These are beautiful, Jess! I wish that you were closer so you could do all of our family photos! :-)

La Maman Heureuse said...

These are so gorgeous, that last one just melted my heart! You did a great job and can't wait to see the coloured ones. Good luck with your photography in 2014! Judging by these you'll do just fine!

love from Belgium,


Jess Boyd said...

These are beautiful Jess! After looking at the color ones today, I think the b&w ones are my favorite. Best of luck with your photography!