Hello November + I'm not dead, I promise!

Though it may appear as if I have fallen off the planet, I assure you that I haven't! I will just say this: I am not sad to see October go. We started off on a good note, but it turned on me halfway through and life became miserably busy and tiring. I love this space with all my heart and long to be able to spend all of my time blogging and photographing life. But alas, I must finish school and work so that I can accomplish my goal of one day being self-employed and doing what I want! So until then (or at least the end of the semester), I may not be able to put as much energy into my blogging life as I would like to. But no fear, I will be here as much as I can and have some cool things planned for November, including an adventure I am excited to announce and talk about!

In case you don't follow me on Instagram (like you should!), here's what you have missed this past week or so...
I went to San Diego and got to hang out with these munchkin nephews at the pumpkin patch.
I carved pumpkins with my other nephews and niece. Have you seen quite a collection of pumpkins?
I did some drawing. I think I am really improving! Which is a good thing since I found out I have to take two more semesters of it...
My man made me a lovely dinner of bruschetta and fresh sushi (perks of having a Japanese boyfriend!), and I even got to read People while I ate. I guess he knows the way to my heart? Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that adorable dachshund chopstick rest?
This awesome book came in the mail! I'm obsessed already.
Annndddd I got to take over The Blog Baton today, thanks to Mason over at Mason Like the Jar. Woot!

Other happenings include finishing editing photos from the shoot I had with my baby nephew (I'm in love and will share them this week!), going to school, figuring out the rest of my classes I need to take at community college (I'll be done fall 2014!), iced coffee drinking, catching up on HIMYM with Dai, and actually getting a descent amount of sleep. I'm especially happy about that last one!

And that's about all for now my friends. I can't wait for all that this new month has to offer!
P.S. I've missed you all!

Chestnut Mocha said...

Jealous of that San Diego weather! It snowed here yesterday huh..
Good luck with the classes, you can do it all! I want to work for myself one day, too, hopefully, sooner than later - I totally understand you on that!
P.S. Dai is amazing. And I love sushi. That's all :-)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

It was definitely nice in SD! But snow is exciting to me too though!!
Thanks, Katie! I think you should definitely work for yourself if that's what you want. Life is too short not to do what you love!
Haha thanks, I guess he is pretty great, huh? When we meet in person (because I am sure this will happen), I will definitely have him make you some sushi :)

Chestnut Mocha said...

Oh my it'll be awesome! And of course we will, I have no doubts. We're even in the same country! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!