West Coast Love // Pescadero Picnic

As you may have noticed by now, Dai is always planning special things for us to do. I'm trying to do the same for him, so for a while now, I have been wanting us to take an hour long drive down to a little coastal town called Pescadero to get the artichoke soup and artichoke bread they are known for. My photography teacher told me once that he and his wife (who actually met in photography class like Dai and I did!) enjoy driving down there, getting local food, and taking it to the beach nearby for a picnic. I had forgotten about this planned adventure in the back of my mind, but decided yesterday was the day it needed to happen.

The weather has been sunny, warm, and in the mid 60's. I can't believe it is even December. It seemed as though we couldn't have picked a more perfect day for this mini-trip.

The town of Pescadero is essentially one road of cute, rustic, touristy shops and restaurants. I had never really explored it before, but I already would like to return to browse through the shops a little more and visit a coffee shop again that I will be posting about later this week!

We headed to the beach and decided to have a little picnic on the cliffs above the water and sand. It was simple and wonderful, sitting on the dirt and the salty wind whipping my hair all around.

This is the most delicious, soft, and flavorful bread I have ever had! I didn't get a great picture of artichoke filled parts, but they are in there. And the bread was warm when we got it from the local market... YUM.

At one point, I felt like Dai and I were the only people enjoying the beach and the stunning views. It could have been the middle of June and I wouldn't have doubted it. It would be nice to experience a white Christmas one day, but I definitely can't complain about being able to relax on the seaside on the 29th of December! I felt content with life as it is, and the December breeze felt warm on my skin. Every Sunday should be like this.

(By the way, I'm thinking of starting a new section on the blog called 'West Coast Love' to organize different spots I visit on my side of the country as a resource for you and your travel plans, and as an extension of the series East vs. West from this fall. Sound good? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and any suggestions you may have!)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

this is so lovely! I love old towns like that! they are so historical and magical to me!!!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks girl! They do have a nice amount of whimsy, don't they?!