Hello, new year.

As a new year starts, I (like many others) can't help but reflect on the one that has just ended. I am reminded of the wonderful and difficult moments, and am also inspired to make changes for the fresh start that comes with a new year. As my birthday is on the 4th, I always feel as though I have a clean slate on all fronts. It's a new year, another birthday, a new semester... It is truly liberating and the potential life holds puts a smile on my face.

I hate to be cliché, but there is nothing like making a list to focus my mind and help me to define my goals. Here's what I have come up with for 2014:

+ Develop better time management habits
+ Make my physical & spiritual health a priority
+ Keep life organized
+ Learn to be financially responsible
+ Have a positive outlook
+ Be more thoughtful towards others
+ Live creatively daily
+ Keep growing in my photography
+ Do what I say I will when I say I will
+ Invest my all into this blog

I am especially excited about that last one. This blog has meant a lot to me this past year and I feel that I have not given it the full attention and work that it deserves. I have big hopes for this space and want to give it an honest, consistent, and thoughtful effort.

Well, here we go. Cheers!