NYC Part 6: West Village

On the last day of our visit, we started off the day by taking the subway from our hotel down to Battery Park to wave at Ms. Liberty. It was drizzly as we walked around the muddy park, and we decided to catch a bus up to West Village for brunch once we had our fill. I remember sitting at the very back of the bus with my head on Dai's shoulder, looking at the wet, busy city through the foggy windows.

I can't really begin to tell you how much I loved this part of the city. Wandering around the small, crooked streets made me feel like I was London more than New York City. This part of the city is also rather quiet, which is something that I appreciated after a week of bustling streets and people everywhere I turn.

This was one of our simplest days of the trip, but yet one of my favorites as well. It was a bittersweet day though, as I knew that we would be boarding a plane back home to California the next morning.

I am so happy that I challenged myself to keep my camera out along this entire trip when it would have been just as easy to leave it tucked in my bag, unused. I love all of the memories I know have and can't wait to print my favorites out to frame or make a cool scrapbook out of like this one recently posted on A Beautiful Mess.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I was able to be productive and spend some much needed time relaxing. Here's to a great week ahead!