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I can't believe it is already Thursday and that another week is nearly gone. I am particularly sad about this one since I return to school on Monday and am not mentally ready in any way. This past semester was pretty rough on me, and though I do believe that this one will not be as brutal, I'm not ready to jump into a new one yet.

I have been trying to make this winter break as creatively productive as possible, and while I did get some things done, I am feeling kind of down about it, like I wasted some of my precious time off. Maybe it was too many late nights and mornings spent watching Gilmore Girls and Breaking Bad while I tried to get some of my projects done. I don't know. Or maybe it is simply that I did not get as much as I wanted done and once I start this new semester, I will feel like I have to push all the things I want to do to my next break.

I shouldn't be feeling this way though because (maybe this past week in particular wasn't my most productive week) I did get to relax, and that is not something I should feel guilty about. I also have been working on this blog much more consistently (which to me is a victory in itself), and even updated its look for the new year (what do you think?!). I went on more care-free adventures, spent time with my guy, and took outfit photos and photos of these adventures to last the rest of this month. In fact, as I have been planning out my posts for this month on my editorial calendar, January is so packed that I feel there isn't enough time in the month for all that I want to do here. What a blessing that truly is. I am hoping that January will be a good month for growth and community here on the blog. It is already shaping up to be one!

Off topic for just a moment: Though I don't wear this shirt often because it can be a bit uncomfortable with its built in boning, it is one of my fancier favorites. I love the deep purple color and the swishiness (definitely a word, right?) of the chiffon bottom. And the best part? Scored it for only $10 off the Anthropologie sale racks last spring. I never see clothing in Anthro for only $10, so I feel like I won.

Also, I want to start wearing more heeled ankle boots, but I only have these Toms wedges right now, which aren't my favorite if I am being honest. Looking to maybe invest in a leather pair, something like these Madewell ones, but without the hefty price tag.

Now back on topic: Well, I guess this is all to say: we must not be so hard on ourselves. If you need to relax, relax. If you need to order a pizza and watch Neflix all night, do it. Though there may be more productive ways to spend time, but we need rest and cannot make ourselves feel sick with guilt for doing so, as I have these past few days.

We need to do the things that make us happy year around, not just when we have extended lengths of time to ourselves. It is important to integrate those things into every day life to make those days happier and easier. I am not so good at this, but want to try to do so this semester so that I don't feel like I am drowning so much. One of those things for me is spending time working on this blog and connecting with others through it. I also want to live creatively every day, whether it be through writing, DIY project, or through making actual artwork (which is something I haven't done in a couple years).

So I will leave you with this: All we can do is what we can do, and we'll get to the rest eventually.

 I am on a break after all.

Outfit Details:
+ Shirt - Anthropologie
+ Pants - Uniqlo
+ Jacket - American Eagle
+ Wedges - Toms
+ Bag - Madewell

Jess said...

Love these comments! And you're absolutely right. You need to make time for the things you love to do even when you are busy because it will make that time much more bearable and you won't be living your life from break to break. Best of luck with the upcoming semester!

Z K said...

I totally agree - every other winter break I was home from college, I made a huge list of to-do's, to-write's, to-create's...and would get just as burnt out as I did from a semester of studying. This time around, I knew I was so frazzled I had to just come home and crash. And that I DID. And it was GREAT. I didn't get anything productive done, but I do feel ready to take on the semester...for once! Hope you get a little relaxation then too. :]]]

Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks said...

Shut up! Your bun is just perfect and your outfit is too cute!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks girl! My new goal for this semester! Gotta stay sane this time around or I might have to drop out and leave the country haha