Outfit // A Bit of Color + A Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

The other day I was browsing through my closet and found this little coral dress that unfortunately shrunk in the dryer, so now it is too short to wear on its own. I always loved the color and decided that it may make a nice shirt instead! As you may have noticed from my past outfits, I tend to stick to neutrals, but I was in the mood to add some color into this outfit. On this day, it was feeling particularly spring-like, so it seemed very fitting!

The day these photos were taken, Dai and I had just gone up to Marin County to have a photoshoots with my sister's company and my nephew (who is now 7-months-old!). Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to stop off at the Golden Gate Bridge visitor center on our way back into the city and take a little walk on the bridge. After we had parked and were making our way to the bridge, I begged Dai to take some outfit photos and thought that this little flowery wall was perfect for this colorful outfit. The thing was, though, that this spot was right near all the information signs for the bridge and was filled with tourists walking by. Dai really didn't want to take the photos. He pleaded with me to find another spot, but I was not to be convinced. Finally he just started shooting and we got through the photos, but not without many people slowing down as they walked past to have a good stare at us. I'll most likely never see any of those people again, so who cares! I am definitely becoming more brave with outfit photos and care more about the outcome than about being embarrassed by onlookers haha.

I've been thinking about my wardrobe more and more lately, and I think I am ready to change things up a bit. I feel like I wear the same accessories all the time, and since I can't spend money on an entirely new wardrobe, it might be good to invest in some new pieces that can mix up my existing ones in a new way. Something I have really been loving the past couple years are necklaces. In my books, a good necklace really completes an outfit. This Lucky Brand one I have had since I worked there has been my very best friend, but it is time to add in some variety. I did treat myself to two new chunky, brightly colored ones this past weekend, so I can't wait to start putting those in the mix and add some more into my collection as I come across them. My sister has a great collection of statement necklaces that I am actually quite envious of.

I would also like to be more adventurous with wearing things like skirts since I always seem to stick to dresses. I guess skirts are just tricky for me because they need to hit me at just the right spot so I feel comfortable with how I look. I do really like the skirt I wore in last week's outfit, but I need to find some more tops that go well with it. It is kind of difficult to pull off that high waisted look!
Lastly, I have been very into the easiness of jeggings lately and want to add a few more fun colored pairs into my roster. I have been looking everywhere and can't find any! The ones I have currently are from Uniqlo and I love how they fit, but the colors they have right now are awful. They look okay online, but trust me, they are not the greatest in person. I have looked at American Eagle, Target, Old Navy, everywhere, but nothing. Any suggestions?!

I did recently come across the leggings brand Agnes and Dora and am in LOVE with their fun floral prints! I especially like thesethese, and these. So cute and feminine!
And now to bring this story full circle, we had a lovely walk on the Golden Gate Bridge! I had walked on it just once before, but never went out far enough to where there is just the bay beneath you instead of concrete and little buildings. It was actually rather frightening! I am not the greatest with heights and boy are you high when you are on the middle of that thing. Dai and I just kept looking over the edge and couldn't believe that people actually jump off. It is awful, but it is true. We even watched a documentary about it once called The Bridge. To top things off, the bridge kind of shakes a bit too!

I was glad that we were able to experience it on such a clear and sunny day, but I was also ready to get off! haha

Have you ever walked on a bridge like that? What do you want to change up in your wardrobe?

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Outfit Details:
Dress // Marshalls
Pants // Uniqlo
Jacket // Gap
Bag // Madewell
Necklace // Lucky Brand

Nina Musser said...

I love the pink and olive together! And the cognac bag and necklace look great with it. Pretty!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks so much Nina! I thought they were fun, spring colors to break out :)

Z K said...

I love that military jacket! and hoorah to you for shooting the photos even with gawking tourists. Can't believe you can do it!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Z! I have searched high and low for the perfect military jacket. I have acquired 4 in the process! I know, I have a sickness. I just can't decide! The saddest part is that I could still buy more haha. I didn't know I was so brave either! Dai felt worse than I did lol.