A New Month // March Goals

Happy March! I can't believe February is already over and that we are on to a new, (hopefully) warmer month. It is nice for life to feel like it is unthawing and to me, March is like a breath of fresh air.

As you may recall, last month I made a list of goals for February. I really enjoyed doing that, so I wanted to check in to see how last month went and make some new goals for March!

+ Create & fiercely stick to a budget.
I am really proud of myself about this because I did it! Everything worked out well and it was actually not that difficult to stick to my budget. Also, I found out the other day that I had been doing my math slightly incorrectly and I actually have quite a bit extra left over, so that was great! Extra cash for savings or the travel fund is always welcome.

* I even posted about my new budgeting system and shared a FREE download to a worksheet I created to make things easier to manage.

+ Keep playing with my newly purchased Nutribullet.
Have I mentioned how much I love this thing? Oh wait, I wrote a whole post on that subject! Though I haven't made a smoothie in a week or so because I have been too lazy to grocery shop, I still love it and am excited to get back into the routine of using it every morning.

+ Renew my passport.
Done! This was something I was procrastinating for a while, but it is done and I have been assured that it will arrive on time for my trip!

+ Establish a workout routine.
Sadly, this didn't happen. Dai and I did, however, go on a few good walks, one even being 4 miles long. Also, I recently discovered the app Map My Fitness (it is free!) and I LOVE it. It is so fun to keep track of whatever activity I am doing, plus they link your fitness journal to My Fitness Pal (which I have yet to dive into wholeheartedly) if you want to use both apps together to track your health.

+ Keep up with school work & maybe even do my best to be ahead.
I'd say that I actually did a pretty good job at this. It is the 8th week of the semester and things are still going well. Hopefully I can keep this up!

+ Go through my room and get rid of some items.
I will admit, I have a lot of stuff. Sometimes it is overwhelming, and other times I just shove things where they can't be seen so I can just forget about it. But, it is time to deal with it once and (hopefully) for all. There may be some changes happening in my life soon, so I really should get rid of the things I definitely don't need any longer. I may even do this purging challenge.

+ Connect with other bloggers more regularly and make new blogging friends.
I think I have been doing better at this so far in 2014, but I want to focus on it even more. That aspect of blogging is what makes what I do worth it and inspires me to keep going. In my busy day, it is so easy to just skim through my Bloglovin' feed without leaving comments or connecting with those bloggers. I just think Oh, I'll come back and comment later, which rarely actually happens because I forget. I'd like to carve out specific time to visit other blogs to leave them love and make friends over social media. My next goal should help me achieve this as well!

+ Plan out the happenings on this blog while I am in Japan.
I know I will be gone for two whole weeks next month, but I don't want to just let this space die while I am gone! This month I want to start reaching out to other bloggers so that I can have a killer lineup of guest posts and fun things for you all. I'm thinking there may be a travel theme going on! If you are interested in guest posting while I am away, please do e-mail me at! I'd love to collaborate :)

+ Read at least 1 book.
In January I read two books, but in February I didn't read any! I was so happy when I was consistently in a book, so not reading anything in February was pretty disappointing. Any book suggestions for this month?

+ Give school 100% of my effort.
Though things have been going fairly well this semester, things are only going to get more difficult, especially since I will be gone for two weeks when I go to Japan. I need to keep up with my work and do my very best now so that I will be in a good position when I leave. Need to give it my all!

I'm ready for a new month and the fresh start that comes with it! I'm also ready for it to start feeling like spring, though I know I can't complain much in California :)

What are your goals for March? Are you ready to say farewell to winter?

Jen @ Living, Loving 30 said...

Stopping by from the Nectar Collective! You did such a great job sticking to your February goals (I'm also a huge fan of MyFitnessPal). I can't wait to read all about your time in Japan, good luck with your March goals!

Erika Sevigny said...

These are such great goals! I need to go download your budgeting worksheet, ASAP. I've been bad this year. Excited to have found your blog and looking forward to reading along! Good luck this month :)

Danica Pardini said...

What?! You're going to japan! How amazing...I know some really great blog posts are going to come from that. Why are you going to japan?

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yeah! In April! My boyfriend was born in Japan and moved here when he was 2 or 3-years-old. He grew up in a very Japanese home and that culture is a very big part of who he is. He has wanted to share that part of himself with me ever since we started dating, so we are finally going to go :) I have definitely gotten a big taste of all things Japanese since being with him, but actually going to Japan is going to be a whole new experience!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Let me know if you use it and how it works for you!! Thanks for your encouragement, Erika, and I'm glad to have a new reader following along :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Jen! I am definitely proud of how February went and hope that March will go just as well! Ahhh I can't wait for Japan and all the posts that will come from it!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Alex said...

Hmmm it seems like practically all of our goals are the same. School, exercise, budgeting, blogging, yup, you've covered almost everything on my current list :) Well, good luck to both of us :)

Z K said...

Congrats to you for sticking to a budget! That's something I've really been struggling with and hope that I'll nail down over the summer...hahaha.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

It is definitely tough, but it is becoming much easier! Cashing my checks instead of just depositing them has really helped me because I actually see where all the money is going. Haha yes, just save that for the summer.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

You are so right, Victoria! Definitely excited that it has been feeling more and more like spring every day here in CA :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Haha yeah I think almost every one struggles with those things in some way! Maybe I'll get it right one of these days ;) Good luck to you! Hope March is treating you well!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks for stopping by! It is always great to have new readers :) I totally understand being too tired at the end of the day to dive into a book. As well as working out... But that's probably just an excuse, at least for working out! ;) Good luck to you as well!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

That is good to hear! I had tried using Weight Watchers last year and that worked out really well for me, logging everything I ate! It looks like My Fitness Pal is very similar, but free, so that's a plus. I guess I just have to take the plunge and commit! Yes, definitely make it to Japan one day :)