Taking Stock // Volume II

It has been a while since I did my first Taking Stock post and I really like the idea of it! It is nice to check in with yourself every once in a while, and even nicer to look back to see how you were feeling at that point in time. So, here we go with Volume II!

Taking Stock (Vol. II)

making // Plans to pack, do homework, and get some pampering in before Japan!

cooking // I haven't really been cooking lately. Things have been busy and I haven't been home much to cook anything that doesn't take more than 10 minutes or more to make.

drinking // Currently, iced coffee at Starbucks.

reading // People Magazine. Love that they still send it to Dai's house even though his mom has moved to Japan!

wanting // To start a scrapbook

looking // Like a hot mess.

playing // With my straw.

wasting // Time people watching.

wishing // I could have every day off this week.

enjoying // This wonderful Monday off of work!

waiting // For the line to die down so I can get a refill.

liking // The feeling of anticipation for what's to come these next few weeks!

wondering // What it will be like to spend nearly a week with Dai's family.

loving // The sunny days we have been having! Keep it up, spring.

hoping // It will be sunny in Japan too.

marveling // At how wonderful all my blog friends are. I love you all!

smelling // Fresh ground coffee.

needing // To get my dang hair cut! Appointment Saturday, so that will finally be crossed off my list. Any suggestions for my new do?

wearing // Denim jeggings. I was always opposed to them, but gosh are they comfy. Also, sparkly Toms, grey & white tank, maroon cardigan, and my unmanageable hair thrown up in a bun.

following // My budget. Woot! Something I never thought I could actually do!

noticing // All the different types of people filtering in and out of Starbucks.

knowing // I need to start working on posts for the rest of this week too! I hate how sporadic my posting has been lately. I have had to reschedule everything like 10 times this month already. Sigh.

thinking // I should probably get started on some homework before I have to leave Starbucks.

bookmarking // Prospective places to live. Also, spring-y dresses.

opening // Too many tabs in this window. Always.

giggling // When I think about the silly things my nanny kids say. Gosh they keep me pretty entertained.

feeling // Lucky to be going on the biggest adventure of my life next week!

Itbritt said...

I absolutely love that you did this in Starbucks - and so, in the moment.
It made me feel as though I was sitting right next to you, waiting for the line to die, so I could refill my green tea. (Man, I have I been there before.)

Sunny days in San Fran, are the best - streets that sometimes seem so dirty or creepy - somehow seem so beautiful. It makes me daydream of walking down Chinatown, sun on my face, and then stopping off for lunch at the Stinking Rose.

Can't wait for you to be all packed and ready (for your sake). Its the best part.
packing = the worst.