West Coast Love // Nopalito

This is one of my new favorite places here in the Bay Area. It all started two weeks ago when we were attempting a family photo shoot with my aunt, uncle, and cousin visiting from Texas. The last shoot I had done of them was last summer in Houston when I was living with them, so we wanted to try to fit in an updated session while they were here. We wandered around Golden Gate Park in hopes of finding the perfect spot for the portraits, but alas, when a two-year-old is over it, there is no hope. We decided that the best thing for everyone was to find food ASAP, so I quickly looked on Yelp for the best thing that was near by. That's when we found this gem.
Located in the Inner Sunset District, Nopalito offers traditional Mexican comfort food in a modern and vibrant environment. I loved it as soon as I walked up. I mean, look at that cute table, the modern chairs, the bright green paint around, and those huge succulents.

Also, I think it is important to note that I really love eating out with my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jacob. Their company is lovely, of course, but it is really because they are 100% okay with eating Mexican/Latin food pretty much every day. Just. Like. Me. That's how you know you have found your food soul mates. (By the way, we ate at a place called Cafe La Taza the day before and then ate at Sol Food the next day. So, basically it was a perfect eating week.)

I appreciate details, so I loved the small fold up menus, the glass bottles some drinks were served in, and the interesting light fixtures throughout the restaurant.
Housemade almond horchata. I've never been a huge fan of horchata, but this stuff was delicious. If I could insert an emoji, it would be that one with the hearts for eyes.

I ordered the chicken mole enchiladas. WOW. They were so, so, so good. The sauce was rich and sweet with just a little bit of spice. I must say, I always choose enchiladas wherever I go, and these were amazing.
The best photo of the day. Not a photo session, but just a snapshot from the girl sitting across from this little family.
My mouth is watering as I write this and I am thinking of ways to convince Dai to take me here for a date night before we go to Japan. They have different menus for lunch and dinner and I am just dying to try their dinner menu as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoyed another peek at a spot around SF and that this restaurant maybe makes your bucket list for your next visit to the Bay Area!

As my Aunt Jenny would say, "You had me at 'Nopalito.'"

Nopalito // 1224 9th Ave,  San Francisco, CA
Danica Pardini said...

This post seriously made me hungry! He Bay Area food scene is amazing....another reason why I'm jealous of you! xo

Jennifer Kingaard said...

You did have me at Nopalito! I'm missing it now and you too!