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I know, it has been a while since my last style post! I thought that I would be able to shoot outfit photos in Japan practically every day because of course I was going to look great every single day (which I did, obviously), but we had other things to do, like navigate trains and run from the rain or escape the heat. So, not a single outfit was shot in Japan, except for half a shoot we managed to get through on side street in Kyoto before Dai got too embarrassed by onlookers ;) At any rate, here's to the first one in a while!
This mint cardigan has been my favorite piece in my wardrobe lately. For a while now I have been wishing that I had more interestingly colored cardigans in my collection, rather than just the boring grey or black one I tend to stick to. I was in Old Navy before our trip and snatched this beautiful one up since it was on sale (I really love sales). Let me tell you, I am so happy I brought this to Japan! It was the perfect, light layer to throw on before leaving for our daily adventures. It was comfy, provided just enough warmth when I needed it on air conditioned trains or cool mornings/evenings, but was also small enough to be thrown in my day bag when I didn't need it. Plus, it is the perfect spring color!
So you are probably wondering about this random bag. Yes, I know it is totally random. I kind of bought it as a joke, but I'm totally smitten with it. Here's the thing: everyone in Japan carries bags, especially small tote bags of this size. Sometimes they even carry two of these small bags. They are just so kawaii (cute, my favorite Japanese word that you can literally use in any situation. It was perfect because it was like my one idea that I could offer up & have it be capsulized into a single word. Communication, you know?). Now, the other thing to understand about Japanese people is this: they love anything with English written on it. T-shirts are definitely a popular one. But, it isn't even English that really makes sense to the situation. It is just random words and strange fragments of sentences. For example: "Laundry", "Fake", "What", "Here"... Seriously anything.... So, when Dai and I saw this little tote bag with an English word, I just had to have it.
And I really love it! It is just perfect, seriously. I can see why Japanese people carry them around; they fit everything I need, but also fit more than you would think. Plus, they are adorable. This is definitely one of my favorite souvenirs haha. But I digress...
These are still the perfect sandals. They took a bit of a beating in Japan though, since I wore them in pouring down rain a couple days since my only options were either these or my Toms (decided to wear the Toms one rainy day & that was an awful choice). I'm disappointed that the brown has started to chip away at the toe a little and may pick up a fresh pair as a backup since they are my favorite, as you know.
I also got this peplum top at Anthropologie on my birthday, but was kind of on the fence about it. I have only worn it a handful of times, but I have been liking it a lot more in the recent weeks. I like that the colors are totally my favorite neutrals and that it actually kind of has a pretty flattering shape. I think I'll keep her (too bad, the tags are already off anyway haha). Also, I don't know if you noticed that little gold circle necklace I am wearing, but Dai gave it to me for my birthday back in January and I have been in love with it ever since. I just love how delicate and simplistic it is. I hardly take it off since it goes with pretty much everything I own and it has been the greatest staple piece in my jewelry collection. 
I'd also like to quickly brag about how I got this belt for a steal at gap last summer. I had been looking for a perfect brown belt and stumbled upon this one waiting for me in the sale section for only $3! I was sold. Also, it has an adorable matching bow that can slid off the belt, but it is just a little strange because if you want to wear it, either the bow has to be in the back or the buckle does. Weird, but I am just realizing that it would have been perfect to wear it with this outfit since the cardigan would cover the buckle in the back. Next time...

What has been your spring go-to piece this year? Where do you find the best sales? Have you noticed any funny style trends in countries you have visited?

Is there anything you would like to see in my style posts? I'm always open for suggestions and ideas! Also, I've been thinking about making a makeup vlog just for fun or doing one of those "Ask Jess" videos. Don't know how I feel seeing myself speak on camera though!

Top // Anthropologie
Cardigan // Old Navy
Belt // Gap
Pants // Uniqlo
Sandals // Target
Bag // Japan

P.S. I had the hardest time trying to pick which photos to include in this post! Dai did such a great job with this shoot and I am definitely very proud about how well our outfit sessions have been coming along :)


Amber Indoe said...

This outfit is super cute! And you're so beautiful! LOVE this outfit post. :)
Also, forever 21+ carries these basic cardigans for $10 and sometimes they have any colour you can think of. So far I only have black and grey (a pattern im trying to get out of), currently waiting for the red to come back in stock because who doesn't need a red cardigan?

Nina Musser said...

love the outfit! i'd love to see a make up video - your make up always looks really good.

Danica Pardini said...

I want that tote bag!! You look amazing as always, anyhow....will you be free around late september? We need to do a blogger meet up in Sam Francisco!

Lublyou said...

The top is very pretty and the mint cardigan looks so great on you! Yay for the spring fresh colors!

Britt @ One&20 said...

You look adorable!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

It's the greatest tote bag! Aww thanks girl... YES! I will be around!! Um, definitely doing a blogger meet up. I was just thinking about when you'll be coming up here yesterday and got excited to meet you!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thank you, Nina! Good to know that someone would like to see a makeup video! I'm no expert or anything, but I try :)

Danica Pardini said...

I'll email you details when it gets closer but we always make an annual trip in September and I'll let you know when. :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Amber! Good to know about the cardigans--I'm probably going to go hunt for some new ones this weekend! You should definitely get a red one! Very classic.

abby - little city adventures said...

Good job Dai ;)

You look lovely Jess, so fresh and springy! It's the perfect put together but casual look...love the peplum top on you!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thank you, Abby! You're such a sweetie ;)

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