Day In The Life + A GIVEAWAY!

I've thought about doing one of these "day in the life" type posts for a while now and finally decided to just go for it! Right now, my life doesn't really have much of a routine to it, but I'm alright with that. There is no "typical day" to my life that I could show you, so this was my day yesterday, Wednesday.

I got up around 9am and noticed this big mess. It couldn't have been me that made it, could it? The jury is still out on that one, but I figured I should clean it all up before I tackle the rest of the day and just in case someone wants to come see our house since it is up for sale.
Marly generally just sits in this chair, watching me do all the hard work while he snoozes and keeps watch out the window so he won't miss the chance to bark at anyone suspicious walking by (read: kids, dogs, delivery trucks).
After tidying up my room, I sat down at my desk with some homemade iced coffee to scroll through my Bloglovin' feed and see what has changed in the blogosphere since the night before. I usually open like a gajillion tabs and then go through to read them all and leave comments. I could really spend hours do this, but try to limit myself to just one.
#ootd. Real cute, right? I didn't really have any plans for the day, so I decided to just dress comfortably in yoga pant capris and a tank (but still match, of course). Also, can't forget my FitBit! Which I seem to always do, but I'm working on it!

It was a good thing I decided to clean my room since the realtor called and told us that someone was going to stop by. Since we can't be there when people come, Marly and I went for a walk. It was so surprisingly hot out! The heat was a little annoying, but then I remembered how miserably hot it was when I spent last summer in Texas and became thankful for where I live pretty quickly. I do love Texas, but they can keep their climate! We both survived that summer though, so I am pretty proud of us.

We walked about 15 minutes down the street from my house to the lagoon. It is so beautiful here, especially on a sunny day when the water is glistening blue. There is a path to walk on that takes you all around the lagoon, but often we like to just sit and relax, watching each person walk past us.
It especially makes Marly happy, as you can see. He barks at everything and rolls around in the grass. A dog heaven. The warm summer breeze was wonderful and we stayed here in this spot for about 30 minutes before starting our walk back home.
After our walk, I had some lunch of left over Thai food and mango green tea. I love Thai food and I really think it makes the best left overs. There's some white rice, brown rice, yellow curry, green curry, chicken pad thai, and spicy veggies in there. I just dump it all in one bowl and it is amazing.
We then sat out on the porch to write yesterday's outfit post. I usually try to edit photos and put the post together the day before, but I often write the actual words the day I am planning to publish the post. Lately, I have really loved sitting outside to read or work on my computer. It is just so nice! I also really want to do my best to enjoy my home before we have to move, so this spot has become one of my favorites. There is even a chiminea in the corner, which I plan to hopefully use multiple times this summer to make s'mores and just relax in front of.

Later, I babysat for a couple hours, and when I got home I just felt like a hot mess. Between our walk to the lagoon and being at the hot house of the family I babysat for, I just felt like some time at the pool was in order. By this time, Dai was off of work and decided to join me! We also ate dinner with my dad and stepmom.
I had some left over cherry juice from when I made sangria, so I mixed it with sparkling mineral water and it actually made a pretty good drink to bring along to the pool! Refreshing and not too sweet. My wheels are turning about what other drinks I can come up with to share here on the blog!
After swimming, Dai and I decided that we wanted to get a little evening treat. Originally, we were going to get milk tea with boba, but as we were driving there, Dai mentioned frozen yogurt and it was all over. Also, I love the above photo! It is cool how bright the lights of the shop are, how the sky looks, and how you can see Dai standing in the doorway.

I got coffee toffee and vanilla! I usually prefer more tart flavors, but this was a fun change.
When we got home from having frozen yogurt, Dai stayed for a while and we played on his iPad, making plans for the weekend and watching the The Fault In Our Stars trailer. Definitely going to try to see it this weekend since we both have read the book! Eventually, Dai and I said our good nights and I retired to my bedroom to do a little blog surfing before bed. I was ready for bed a little earlier than usual since I didn't sleep so well the night before and this guy was ready to snuggle in for the night, so I happily obliged.

And there you have it, our Wednesday! I really feel like this should be called "Day in the Life of My Dog" or "Marly's World" since we did pretty much everything together this particular day and he made an appearance in so many photos! I love when I have time off from school and we can spend our days together. What can I say? I'm just a crazy dog mama and he is my baby.

As the title mentioned, there is also a GIVEAWAY happening in this post! I teamed up with Laura of Inspiration.Sparks and a handful of other awesome bloggers from around the world to bring you this colorful summer giveaway. You can read more about each item included in the prize over at Laura's blog. Everything is just so cute in this set! I really wish I could win too!

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Good luck to all!

brittandhive said...

Your wednesday seems much like my days.
except - I have no dog, so replace that with an image of me talking to my belly.
and I didn't clean said mess, even though I woke up to it.

ohhh and my husband has been out, so Its just been me. But comfy clothes - ahhh yeah.
P.S. that froyo shop photo is epic. shweeeet shot.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Birtt! There you are! I have been going to your site, but it says it expired, so I had no idea what happened until I just saw your comment and clicked on your new site! I like the change and it makes sense.

Awww talking to your belly sounds so nice... Haha sometimes I don't clean the messes either. I hope your hubby makes it home soon!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

That is definitely a great summer activity :) I need to make my way to the beach this summer too!

brittandhive said...

Yeah, its been a sad, and complicated mess - especially for an overwhelmed prego lady, but it was time. And i am happy with the change for now, with much more change on the horizon.

I've missed you guys though - but been keeping up. Your Japan posts continue to amaze me.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Yeah I thought about it for a long time, but my days don't always seem so conducive to snapping photos at random times haha that's why I figured my lazy summer would be perfect. You should try to do one at some point though! It would be interesting :)

Z K said...

I'm going home for a couple weeks on Thursday so I'll probably try doing it then!!! I just have to figure out how to muscle my entire camera bag there...

karin said...

my favorite summer activity is reading a book on the beach!