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Hey guys! How's your week going so far? Things here have been a bit busy with trying to make our house spotless to be photographed for the listing and open houses that are happening soon. But, I've found time for fun...and blogging!

As the title may suggest, I just feel so cool in this look. When I saw this dress, I just knew immediately how I wanted to style it, that I wanted to give it an edgier feel. I never wear sneakers with dresses (or really, I hardly ever wear them), but they seemed to fit this look so well and instantly add a nice level of spunk.

With this look, I was thinking "Hey, let me just throw on my sunnies and a red lip and let's gooooo." Go where? I don't know, but it just seemed like the right thing to say and do! And in this look, I'm sure there's all kinds of trouble I could find, am I right? There's just kind of something "bad girl" about it, despite my big smile above. But that girl below on the left? I wouldn't want to mess with her!
This dress was another recent Anthropologie sale find (I know, I have a problem. Please help me guys.) that I ordered online. I was super excited to get it because it looked really cute in the photos, but was a bit worried that it wouldn't work out because a lot of the reviews said it was too short. I thought that maaaybe it would be okay since I'm only 5'1" (We're all shorties in my family! My three sisters and I are basically all the same height). I'm not so sure if I'm comfortable with the length though and saved the tags just in case I change my mind.
I do, however, love the little rainbow thread specks in the fabric! It adds a pretty cool dimension to things and is an unexpected detail. Like the coral dress from my last outfit post, it is kind of sewn in those textured layers, which I really like. I also love that the top basically fits like a t-shirt, which makes this dress pretty easy and casual.
I've been contemplating something lately... Why do I not wear a red lip more often?! I love it! I know that I love it, but I think I just forget that I do and then when I think about wearing one I decide that it will be too bold. Not really the case! I am proud that I wore one at some point every day this past weekend though, so hopefully I'll put it in the rotation more. I also think I have found the perfect shade somehow! It is nothing fancy, just Ulta brand in the shade "Sangria" (was just looking online and its actually on sale for only $4! I think I'll be heading to Ulta when I finish this post to grab a couple...or twenty), but for whatever reason it is perfect. Also, just for a fun walk down memory lane, I think the last time I sported a red lip was for this outfit post! Too long ago.
Yeah, I wouldn't mess with her on the right either... I promise I'm not mean in real-life! hehe
I was just browsing through my style posts archives and it's funny to see how I am sometimes all over the place with my style choices. I really don't categorize myself as boho chic or romantic or edgy or retro. It used to bother me that I didn't really stick to one style, but then I realized that it is a good thing! We tend to attach labels to ourselves in so many different areas of life (for no reason really), but why should style be one of them? We like what we like. I like the versatility in not feeling the need to subscribe to a specific style. I like that I can open up my closet and create an outfit based on my mood, not a desire to fit in with a certain crowd or a certain "genre" of bloggers. I wear what I like, what I think looks flattering, and what makes me feel good about myself.

So I guess if I had to attach a label to my style it would be this: I am Jessica.

What are your thoughts about personal style? What is your style is like? Is it consistent?

Outfit Details:
Dress // Anthropologie
Shoes // Converse
Bag // Forever 21
Bracelet // Lucky Brand
Belt // Lucky Brand
Sunglasses // Ray Ban

Carlee said...

I really like this outfit. And I don’t really have a style either. I don’t think... I just wear what I like haha. (good strategy huh?)


Z K said...

I totally get the style being all over the place. When I was a senior in high school, all I wore was jeans and hoodies. Then when I came to college, I transitioned to only wearing "cute/adorkable" skirts and dresses. Now, I'm definitely somewhere in the middle. I like being edgy, but also cute, but also me. So tough! And rock that red lip! I've always been very self-conscious about my lips (which is why I had one pierced freshman year) so I don't wear lipstick very often, so I'll live vicariously through you!

Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks said...

GORGEOUS! and your hair omg!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks Carlee! Definitely a good strategy haha no need to over think it, right? :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

It is funny to see how our style changes over time! I think I was definitely more laid back in high school. Basically it was always jeans, a shirt, and a cardigan. It was my go-to look haha I've definitely expanded from that a bit. You should try wearing lipstick! I think it would look great on you :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Hehe thanks Laura! I actually took the time to straighten my hair on this day, but it is kind of funny how my "straight" hair still has some wave to it!

Z K said...

That's one of my favorite reasons for keeping a blog - not only with style, but also with writing and voice. :] Hey, that's a pretty great go-to look for high school! I don't think I wore a cardigan or a dress until my freshman year of college. So funny! And aw, thank you! My roommates are all super into tinted chapstick, so that may be my compromise :]