Q&A with Jess!

Well, here it is! Here is that Q&A video I talked about doing! I actually had a lot of fun putting this together, even if I was nervous at times. It was really strange listening to myself talk on video and I had to start over many times because I felt a little awkward! Once I got started answering questions though, I just went with it and did it in one take. It turned out to be pretty long, so I am sorry for that. But, here it is, here I am, in all my silly, awkward, and whatever else glory!


So, what did you think? How did I do? Should I stop making vlogs forever and ever?

Hopefully Marly's cuteness makes up for it!

brittandhive said...

It is so fun to see you talk, I sure hope I can meet you in person.

brittandhive said...

p.s. love jacks mannequin.

Jess said...

Aww I'm so glad you watched it! I know, it ended up being really long... I hope I can meet you in person too! Hopefully August :)