A New Month // June Review + July Goals

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July! It is July! To put it bluntly: I am not heartbroken to see June go. June was rough for me and it definitely put me in a rather unmotivated, lethargic state at times. Though June did not turn out how I had hoped in my personal life, it was a great month of blogging and I am proud of all I accomplished in this space! I'm hoping July will be a good fresh start to kick my booty into high gear and allow me to see some results in all areas of life!

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Now here is a look at my goals from June and what I'm hoping to achieve in July!
+ Start (and hopefully finish) Japan scrapbook.
+ Walk 300,000 steps using my Fitbit and actually remember to wear it every day.
+ Get back into the habit of using my Nutribullet.
+ Start using My Fitness Pal or join Weight Watchers online.
+ Think about others more and less about myself.
Ok, so here's the thing: I utterly failed at June. While I was able to spend time relaxing and doing other things, I was also really frustrated with my job situation (or lack there of). Therefore, I was not motivated to do anything else. I hate to let myself down like this, but I didn't work on any of these goals (except for maybe that last one) and I only have myself to blame. So, on that note, at least we are facing a new month and I can start from scratch!

+ Completely clean my car.If I showed you every to-do list I've made this past month, you would see this on every single one. My car is currently so gross and messy that it makes me cringe every time I open the door. Gotta tackle this one this week hopefully!

+ Make money.
Enough said. June just didn't cut it in this department.

+ Japan scrapbook.
I'm gonna go ahead and put this one back on the agenda for this month because if I don't get it done this summer it is likely to never happen. Gotta buckle down and get that creativity flowing!

+ Spend time journaling.
I suppose this blog is kind of like a journal of sorts, but it would be nice to get my deeper thoughts down on paper. I used to journal quite a bit as a kid (maybe that's why I enjoy blogging so much) and would love to get back into the habit of doing so.

+ Follow the beginner's month of Blogilates (maybe).
This is a big one for me, considering my health and fitness goals usually go unattended to. I'm hoping to force myself to try out the beginner's month of Blogilates. We shall see what happens, but I think this would be a good place to start.

Well, friends, this is where I'm at right now! I am ready for a fresh start with this new month and am excited to see where it takes me!

What are your goals this month? What about for this summer?

kristen @ ok, enjoy. said...

I'm sorry June was so tough. I had that kind of month, too... June is supposed to be just sunshine and starting summer! I hope July is better.

I've been going back and forth with MyFitnessPal and tracking with Weight Watchers. This week, I'm trying to get back to journaling what I eat with Weight Watchers. It's so tough.

Good luck with Blogilates! I've tried a couple of the short routines, and Cassey seems really encouraging. :)

Journaling and scrapbooking sound like awesome goals!

Here's hoping for a happier July.

Jess said...


Jess said...

Good luck with your goals! Take solace in the fact that June is now in the past and July could be epic!

Jess said...

Thanks Britt! Definitely a good perspective to have!

Jess said...

True, true! I'm just gonna keep going! Thanks Marlen :) I definitely do my best to put a lot of work into this space and I'm glad it is paying off. Yeah! That cat cafe is totally for real! We went there in Japan :)

Jess said...

Thanks Kristen! It is nice to know that others struggle with the same thing. Good luck with Weight Watchers! I'm gonna try to do my best with Blogilates... I did watch a routine just to get a feel for it and Casey does seem super encouraging like you said, so we shall see! Hope you have a great July as well :)